Old French


teile + -ier


telier m 

1. clothmaker


  • French: toilier


One of a kind Cloth | Garments

Hand woven on a traditional wooden floor loom

Cut and stitched by hand



This was my Warp; I too await the Weft

whose sinuous curves will wrap my stiffened lines.

And so they meet. Or rather, he is there

stretched out for her and waiting. She appears,

head lifted; she is borne upon a shuttle -


Hungrily latching on to him, the Weft

now penetrates his every empty space

first from above, and then from underneath,

she moves across him quickly back and forth

as she finds and hides each one, content

she can do it all. But now and then

in rapture she forgets and races on,

and on the surface slides - we say she floats

But usually she does not miss her mark.

Ah, how many times they come together!

She meets him just to leave him,

and leaving him she meets him;

he suffers her, he is blameless,

and stands firm in his place


                   -Patrizia Cavalli, Text on Textile